Course Overview

100 Mile
Men - 19:31 - Rod Farvard (2019)
Women - 23:53 - Rachel Ragona (2017)
50 Mile
Men - 8:44 - Marc Wilson (2014)
Women - 9:40 - Katie Asmuth (2019)
Men - 5:07 - Pedro Guardado (2017)
Women - 6:36 - Stephanie Weigel (2015)

100 Mile

The Kodiak 100 Ultra Marathon is a dream course with a lively Start and Finish downtown in The Village of Big Bear Lake. Runners will circumnavigate the entire Big Bear Valley including a visit to the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain (9,963′) and a trip through the rarely visited Siberia Creek Canyon. This is a true mountain 100 miler, with technical footing and a lot of running above 7,000′.

50 Mile

A gorgeous and challenging course that offers more than just a taste of the Kodiak 100, the 50 mile course joins the 100 mile course near the midway point and follows the same track to the finish.  50 milers will start out on a runnable section on Big Bear's north shore and enjoy both views of the desert and alpine forest in the distance. The real test will come in the second half where runners summit Sugarloaf Peak at nearly 10,000 ft, then descend Radford Rd with stunning views to the valley floor and San Gorgonio in the distance, then climb up Seven Oaks. Enjoy the cruise down Knickerbocker to finish downtown in the village.


The Back 50k will follow the final miles of the 100 mile course and will starts at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain.  You'll first summit Sugarloaf Peak to nearly 10,000 ft, then descend Radford Rd with stunning views to the valley floor and San Gorgonio in the distance, then climb up Seven Oaks. Enjoy the cruise down Knickerbocker to finish downtown in the village.


2019 Race Manual

Course Map


NOTE - FINAL COURSE MAP pending approval by US Forest Service

2019 Course Map.JPG


The 2019 course changes:

-- First Aid Station is now Aspen Glen at Mile 6.5.

-- You will be on the PCT from Mile 41.3 to Mile 62.1. This replaces Holcomb Valley Road and Burns Canyon Road. Enjoy!

-- The Sugarloaf descent will be via the 2N93 forest service road instead of returning back down the single track. This is to avoid cross traffic on this section. There is an extra Aid Station (lite-fluids and few snacks only) between the Summit and the bottom called Balky Horse. THERE IS NO AID AT THE SUMMIT, just check-in.

-- The Bear Mountain and Skyline Aid Stations are now combined into 1 Aid Station called Skyfern. After you reach Skyfern you will take the forest service road 2N10 instead of the Skyline single track. There will be water at the bottom of Radford Road.


50 MILE: Link to Cal Topo Map 

50 MILE Course distance = 51.3 Miles


BACK 50K: Link to Cal Topo Map 

50K Course distance = 33.9 Miles

USING CALTOPO MAPS - You can view an elevation profile of each course by clicking the small graph icon, just to the right of your route’s name on the left hand toolbar. Play around. Caltopo is very powerful and cool.


Elevation Profile

100 MILE: 

100 Mile elevation chart.JPG

Total elevation gain: 16,800 ft

Total elevation loss: 16,800 ft

50 MILE: 

50M Elevation Profile.png

Total elevation gain: 9,900 ft

Total elevation loss: 10,100 ft


Aid Stations


Siberia Canyon – There will be a few (generous and brave) folks at the bottom of Siberia Canyon offering your filtered water from Bear Creek. If you’re empty or close to empty when you get down there, fill up!

Radford Road - Water will be dropped at the bottom of Radford Road. The distance from Skyfern Aid to the water drop is approx. 6 miles. It is highly recommended to fill up your water before the climb up Seven Oaks to Grandview Aid.

There are 2 sections of the course where you will travel 9 - 10 miles in between Aid Stations. You may be required to carry a minimum of 2 liters of water with you before leaving the aid station. Be prepared on race day. Details will be in the race manual.

** The Aid Stations for the 100M Elite Race are listed below.** 

For the Open Course - use these as reference points ONLY.

For full details on the Open Course, including aid, click here.



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Kodiak Ultra Marathons is a signature event of Open Air Big Bear, a non-profit organization with the mission to advance and celebrate outdoor sporting events and activities in Big Bear Lake.