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Course Overview

Course Overview
100 Mile
Men - 19:31 - Rod Farvard (2019)
Women - 23:53 - Rachel Ragona (2017)
50 Mile
Men - 8:44 - Marc Wilson (2014)
Women - 9:40 - Katie Asmuth (2019)
Men - 5:07 - Pedro Guardado (2017)
Women - 6:36 - Stephanie Weigel (2015)

100 Mile

The Kodiak 100 Ultra Marathon is a dream course with a lively Start and Finish downtown in The Village of Big Bear Lake. Runners will circumnavigate the entire Big Bear Valley. The first 50k concludes with a visit through the rarely crossed Siberia Canyon, followed by lots of cruisers along the north shore of Big Bear Lake, including over 20 miles of the Pacific Crest Trial. The real test will come in the second half where runners summit Sugarloaf Peak at nearly 10,000 ft, then descend Radford Rd with stunning views to the valley floor and San Gorgonio in the distance, then climb up Seven Oaks. Enjoy the cruise down Knickerbocker to finish downtown in the village. This is a true mountain 100 miler, with some technical footing and a lot of running above 7,000′.


Want a taste of the Kodiak without the extremes of summiting the 10,000ft Sugarloaf Mountain and crossing over Deadman's Ridge? Or maybe you just want to avoid the climb up Seven Oaks. The 100K will start with the 100M race from the Big Bear Village and follow the same course all the way to Mile 59.

50K, Half Marathon & 10K

Start and finish downtown in the heart of the Big Bear Village. You will head into the forest and start climbing to the high point of the course at 8,000 feet. Enjoy the beautiful single track along the ridge, with amazing views of San Gorgonio peak in the background! A stunning course that will test you and thrill you at the same time. The final 3 miles are a cruise down Knickerbocker Road, a dirt road above the town of Big Bear Lake with view of the lake to take in while you finish your trail run.

Race manual

Race Manual

The 2022 Race Manuals are available! Be sure to read through the Race Manual for your race and come prepared on race day!

Course Maps
Click on the map thumbnail image to access the detailed Caltopo map.

Course Map



2021 100M Map image for manual.PNG
Elevation Profile_100M.PNG
100K Course Map Thumbnail.PNG


50K Course Map Thumbnail.PNG
50K Elevation thumbnail-2.PNG

50K Course distance = 32.5 miles


HALF Course Map Thumbnail.PNG
Elevation Profile_21K_10K.PNG

Half Marathon Course distance = 13.56 Miles


10K Course Map Thumbnail.PNG
Elevation Profile_21K_10K.PNG

10K Course distance = 6.3 Miles

*All courses subject to changed based on US Forest Service permits.

USING CALTOPO MAPS - You can view an elevation profile of each course by clicking the small graph icon, just to the right of your route’s name on the left hand toolbar. Play around. Caltopo is very powerful and cool.

Aid Stations

Aid Stations


100M Aid Stations.PNG


Siberia Canyon (100M & 100K) – There will be a few (generous and brave) folks at the bottom of Siberia Canyon offering your filtered water from Bear Creek. If you’re empty or close to empty when you get down there, fill up!

Radford Road (100M only) - Water will be dropped at the bottom of Radford Road. The distance from Skyfern Aid to the water drop is approx. 6 miles. It is highly recommended to fill up your water before the climb up Seven Oaks to Grandview Aid.

There are 2 sections of the course where you will travel 9 - 10 miles in between Aid Stations. You will be required to carry a minimum of 2 liters of water with you before leaving Champion and Green Valley. Be prepared on race day. Details will be in the race manual.

100M Aid Stations

(No pacers)

2021 Kodiak 100K Aid Station Chart.PNG


50K Aid Stations.PNG


HALF Aid Stations.PNG


There are no official aid stations along the 10K course, however water will be available at mile 2.8.

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