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8/1/21 Training Run Routes/Maps

Join us August 1, 2021 on the Kodiak course! We have 4 different routes to choose from and 1 Aid Station.

Meet at 7AM at the Bartlett Parking lot:

The training courses are NOT marked. If you don't know the course, come prepared with access to the route map.

Feeling spunky and signed up for the 100 Miler? You'll wan to choose Option 1 - the nearly 22 mile loop from the Big Bear Village that goes down Radford and up Seven Oaks, which is the final section of the 100M course. Don't be surprised on race day - check it out in advance!

Looking to get some decent mileage with some amazing smooth single track and less elevation gain? Option 2 is for you. Head up from the village and hop on Skyline going east toward Champion. Once you get on Skyline from Grandview, you can choose your own distance on this out-and-back section. The turnaround is located at the intersection of 2N10 and 2N11, which is 1 mile short of the Champion aid station.

Shorter options are the 9+ miler up 2N08 from the Village to Grandview and back; and the 6 miler up 2N08 with a turnoff before you hit Grandview that heads straight back to the Village.

The Aid Station will be located at Grandview. We will supply water and some fuel/light snacks.

Check out the map for all the details! We HIGHLY recommend downloading this map into Gaia (or your app of choice), then download the map area offline so you can use your phone in airplane mode to guide you. You can download the route by clicking "Export" in Caltopo and then choosing the .gpx option. Download the .gpx file from your phone or you can download it on your computer and then email it to yourself. Then you will upload (import) the .gpx track into the Gaia app on your mobile device. **Don't wait to do this until the morning of the run, try it in advance!**

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