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2021 Kodiak 50M/50K Status

Dear Kodiak 50M/50K runners,

You are receiving this email because you were previously registered for either the 50M or 50K races. Currently, we still do not know if we will be able to hold a 50M or 50K distance race in 2021. Therefore, we are presenting the following options:

1. Choose to run a different distance. You can choose from 100M, 100K, Half Marathon, or 10K. Follow the directions in this document to change distances.

2. Receive the original 85% refund we offered last year. Complete this form to process your refund.

3. Rollover your registration to next year.

If we do not hear from you by JULY 15, 2021, we will automatically roll over your 50M/50K registration to next year.

If you already completed these steps, thank you very much - you can ignore this email.

We are very sorry to not be able to offer the 50M or 50K distances at this time. We will send updates with any new information. We appreciate your understanding and your continued support!

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