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Training Run #3 - Skyline

This Sunday we will move the training run to the Skyline section of the course to coincide with the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation Vertical Mile fundraiser. Please join us after the training run at the base area for Vertical Mile race (includes lift ticket down and lunch!). More info: Run starts at 7AM along Summit Avenue at Snow Summit ski area. Route map will be posted soon! Map to start:

Written Description: Meet at Snow Summit parking lot. This run will cover the start of the 100 mile and Front 50k courses as well as parts of the finish for the 100 mile, 50 mile, and Back 50k.

Details: Two route options available will both start out together leaving snow summit ski resort across the Town Trail to Knickerbocker Rd where you will join the start of the 100 mile course. Take Knickerbocker rd to the junction with Pine Knot trail and turn left to head to Grandview Point. Here the two routes split. 100 milers/Front 50k’s will drop down the steep (understatement) Seven Oaks trail and then make the long climb up Radford Rd. 50 milers/Back 50k’s will head east along Skyline Trail to the junction of Radford Rd where we will have our CarboPro Aid Station setup. From here you can follow the official course back down to the start, or head back on Skyline Trail to the junction of Coyote for a few extra singletrack miles. We have the 100 mile course preview at 17 miles with 3.5k’ of climbing and the 50 mile preview at 14 miles with 2k’ of climbing.

We will keep the aid station open until 10AM..

Join us for the Big Bear Trails Foundation Mountaintop Rally Vertical Mile Post Run. This starts at 11AM from the base of Snow Summit and is a $30 donation to the Trails Foundation, who does a lot of work for our trails and Big Bear! We want to support them which is why we made the change for this training run and the “shorter” courses to get back to the start in time to join this event. If you do not plan to run the Vertical Mile and would like to get additional miles on the course send us a message and we can give you the best options to go further based on your specific wants.

If you are looking for a place to stay please visit our sponsors at and make sure to mention Kodiak when booking! Our friends Big Bear Vacation is offering a 20% discount for Kodiak runners. Use code KOD to book. AND Wow Vacation Rentals Big Bear is offering 10% off, use code KODIAK when booking.

There is also abundant free camping in the forest all around Big Bear Lake!

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