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The 2020 Open Course race is an option for those adventurous runners out there. The course will be completely marked, but there will be no formal aid stations. The Ultra distances will require your own crew support. We’re excited to set up this unique format this year. 


  • 100M

  • 50M

  • 50K

  • Half Marathon

  • 10K



Click here to download the 2020 Race Manual [ULTRA version, HALF/10K version]. It is required to review this manual prior to race day. We recommend using the information to plan your race in advance!



Each specific start period has a maximum capacity. Register early to guarantee your preferred start time. 




  • You must start during your scheduled start time period, no late starts.

  • The Elite Race will start at 5PM on Friday. All Open Course runners must leave the course by midnight on Friday. The course will be completely closed for the Open Course race through Saturday at midnight.


  1. Select your race distance

  2. You will be asked to choose a start day and time. If a day or time is not listed, it is at capacity and not available at this time.


You will need to pick up your race packet before starting the Open Course race. Your packet will include a bib that is required to be worn. Some distances may also be required to carry a tracking device (see below and see Race Manual for details). Packets may be picked up on any of the days/times listed and we do recommend picking them up the night before your race start time, or sooner.





Mail Option

Half Marathon and 10K runners may choose to receive their race packet in advance via the mail. This option costs $10. If you choose the Mail Option, you do not need to check-in (in-person) before you start your race.


You do not need to decide if you are choosing the Mail Option for your packet during registration, you can decide later. We’ll be sending updates along the way.



All race rules generally apply to the Open Format. Please review the 2020 Race Manual carefully. You will be required to review the Race Manual before the race.


The course will close completely at 9PM on Sunday, September 13. You must plan accordingly. If you complete the race after the course is closed, your results will not be official. 



  • Working cell phone

  • Course map

  • Minimum 2L water bottle or hydration pack

  • Headlamps

  • Backup headlamp

  • Extra batteries for headlamp

  • Race bib

  • Tracking device*

  • Crew - map/directions, light jacket for runner, extra batteries

  • Pacer - headlamp, extra batteries, light jacket, pacer bib



Every runner is responsible for carrying a version of the race course map with them while participating in the Open Course race. The course map should be downloaded on your phone into a map reading program (such as MapMyRun, Gaia, etc.) Your map will be verified at Packet Pickup.


All runners will have their results verified using the GPX file submitted. You must start at the time you registered for, you must run the course in the correct mileage order, you cannot skip any of the course, and you must follow the hard-cut off times. If your GPX file is altered in any way, it will not be valid and you will be listed as DQ.


*We will have tracking devices for the 100M, 50M runners, (and 50K depending on when you register), which will be required if we get them. With the trackers, the course map will be available on a webpage where we will be able to see your location at any given time for safety purposes and also results validity. Your crew will also receive a link to the map and will benefit from knowing where you are so they can plan their crew stops. Furthermore, each runner can use this map to verify that they remain on the course (note - it is required for runners in the Ultra distances to carry your cell phone). There will be a deposit for the tracking devices. There may also be a nominal fee for the tracking device.



If you are unable to submit proof of your race, your results may be listed as Unofficial or may not be posted at all. Things that could lead to your results being invalid:

  1. Incomplete or altered GPX file

  2. Running with a pacer at a time where pacers are not allowed to join you

  3. Leaving litter on the course by you or your crew

  4. Leaving the race course (you may still qualify for the staged category)

  5. You do not start during your confirmed start time period

  6. You or your crew breaks traffic or parking laws or any other rules


Your results will be categorized under the race distance that you register for. Each course is different, so it is not possible to drop down during the race.



There will be no formal aid stations, however there may be several water stores along the course. These water stores would not be in the regular aid station locations, but rather areas of the course that are less trafficked. You should not rely on this water to still be there when you get there as there are many hikers throughout the forest and anything could happen. Plan accordingly. 



  1. Runners in the 100M, 50M, 50K MUST have a support crew of at least 1 person.

  2. Crews should follow all rules that are already set in a regular race year. 

  3. Your crew may assist you with aid and pacer drop-off pickup along the entire length of the course. However, your crew CANNOT travel along the race course to meet you. That means, your crews will be meeting you at road and trail crossings only. Your pacer should also not hike in to meet you.

  4. If you come in contact with any other runners, crews, race volunteers, race staff, or anyone else, you must keep at least 6 feet apart. Have your masks readily available for any encounters with any other groups or crews. It’s likely you won’t encounter many other people coming through any given location at the same time, but it’s possible.

  5. In general, crews will want to meet their runners at the set Kodiak aid station locations. The aid stations were set up in these locations because that is where the roads and terrain allow for reasonable access. If you try to meet your runner in another area, the race organization does not and cannot be certain that roads will be passable, driveable, or safe. That said, there are a handful of additional areas where crews can access their runner besides the set aid station locations, which we will publish closer to race date after we confirm reasonable passage is possible.

  6. See the 2020 Race Manual for complete rules and guidelines.

Hanna Flats Campground (Mile 38.6 of the 100M course)

Park outside the campground. Do not drive into the campground unless you have a campsite reserved that day.


You may bring your own chairs and wait at Campsite #49 only, unless you have reserved your own campsite. There is running water and vault toilets. Please respect the campground by being quiet, especially during the night hours and following all rules and directions of the camp and camp host.



Pacers will be allowed in the 100M distance as usual starting at mile 55 and pacers will also be allowed for any race distance anytime you are running in the dark.



To earn awards, you must complete the course within the race’s official cutoff time. Visit “Race Information” on our website to view cutoff times.


  • 100M: Custom Kodiak belt buckle

  • All other races: Custom Kodiak medal


ITRA/UTMB points

Points can only be earned for the nonstop races, within the official cutoff time.



You are allowed to take as long as you want to run each race distance. However, to earn awards your total time must be within the race cutoff time. For example, you can run the 100M race like this:

  • Start Wednesday at 6am - run 30 miles

  • Thursday - run 40 miles 

  • Friday - run the final 30 miles

  • You will earn a multi-day 100 mile buckle

  • Your time will be your total elapsed time, the clock starts when you start your 1st mile


Results - Only “non-stop” times within the cutoff time will be listed as official. All other results will be listed as Unofficial (unless there are enough multi-day finishers to create a category) and you will not be eligible for UTMB points.


Except for your initial start time, you will manage your start and stop times on your own. You must continue at the exact same spot when you start again. We will verify this on your GPX file. It is highly recommended to record the exact coordinates of where you left the course. 

Open course start times.JPG
Packet Pickup schedule.JPG
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