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Crew & Pacers

Crew access is allowed at the following Aid Stations:

100 MILE

2021 Kodiak 100 Aid Station Chart.PNG


2021 Kodiak 100K Aid Station Chart.PNG

Pacers are allowed in the 100-mile only. Please see complete rules regarding pacers in the Race Manual. Failure to follow these procedures may result in the disqualification of the runner.

Kodiak 100 Mile: Pacers allowed starting at Mile 55.8.

  • Pacers may join their runner at these crew accessible aid stations: Cushenbury (mile 55.8), Sugarloaf (mile 67.2 and 81.4), and Skyfern (mile 87.7)

  • Pacers must be on foot (no bikes) and while you can use multiple pacers, you may only have one at any given time.

  • If a pacer drops at a non-crew accessible aid station, they may not be picked up there. They will have to wait and ask the aid station volunteers if they can get a ride after the aid station closes. Only use this option in an unplanned and unexpected situation.

  • You are responsible for the actions of your crew and pacers. Make sure they know the rules. 

Crew Driving Directions

Rim Nordic/Snow Valley

Use extreme caution if crossing the road - it is a very busy HIGHWAY.


Parking - Crews & spectators will park along Hatchery Drive (west side only) and along Forest Service Road 2N93 on the north/west side of of the road. Note - this forest service road is open to the public. Please use caution when crossing Hwy 38 and walking to the aid station. Follow all directions of the volunteers. DO NOT PARK ON or OVER THE WHITE LINE OF THE SHOULDER or TOO CLOSE TO AN INTERSECTION. You WILL be towed at your own expense and you or your runner will be disqualified. Thank you for your cooperation.

Skyfern (Map)

Parking is located 1/2 mile away from the Aid Station. You will park across the street from Bear Mountain Ski Resort in the gravel lot (not in the asphalt lot - that is the golf course parking). The parking lot is located next to the the golf course and the Alpine Zoo.

DO NOT PARK IN THE BEAR MOUNTAIN SKI RESORT PARKING LOT. They are hosting an event and will be ready to tow.

There is no parking along the road leading up to the Aid Station. Respect the no parking signs.

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